Our Academics

Three Rivers Academy's educational program is designed based upon the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Our school goes beyond the State's Standards to prepare students for future admission to the best colleges and universities in the world. Our leadership believes that all students are capable of achieving greatness. Our Mission is, "To provide a high quality educational experience for success in the 21st Century global economy." 

The school will emphasize students’ developing strong reading skills.  Excellent reading skills is the gateway to future academic success. If your child learns to read well at an early age, the sky is the limit for their future. The Three Rivers reading program focuses on the THINK LITERACY approach to developing reading skills. THINK LITERACY is an Award-Winning approach to learning to read and write well. 


Three Rivers' Science Program begins in Kindergarten and expands each year with fun practical experiences in use of the Scientific Method.  The school believes it is important that students become familiar with science at an early age and this has shown to help familiarize students with a scientific vocabulary. 


Students who develop excellent Math skills early in life have expanded choices of future careers. Our approach to Math starts with providing highly qualified teachers who have developed a “Profound Understanding of Elementary School Mathematics.”  Students will develop a strong number sense by developing a strong foundation of Mathematics skills.

Data-Driven Instruction

Three Rivers is a data-driven instruction school.  Three Rivers benchmarks students throughout their time at the school to ensure our teachers are helping and challenging students in the areas most pertinent to their academic goals and needs.