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Three Rivers Academy's mission is to provide a high quality educational experience for success in the 21st century global economy. Three Rivers serves grades K-8 in small classroom sizes. Our school will be much smaller than the district schools with a size no larger than 150 students this year. Three Rivers is committed to providing families in Windsor and the surrounding area a high-quality free school of choice. 

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Elaine Riddick Charter School is opening in August 2020 and 

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Welcome to Three Rivers Academy

Please continue to visit important pages of our site such as Our School and Academics to learn more about our school! Decide if this school is the best for your child. We are happy to talk with you if you have any questions. If you feel ready to apply, click the button below. 

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Open Enrollment

Three Rivers Academy is currently in its open enrollment period! We are accepting all applications grades K-8. There is limited availability, so apply as soon as you are comfortable!

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